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Abygail Geurts
Publication date
9 October 2015

Video Areas Ready for Action

Adding a video to your magazine is one way to distinguish an online magazine from a print publication. But adding a video is not a simple as an image. With some new features we have streamlined the process of adding videos, and added some extra options for customization.

Easier poster frames

One of the other elements we frequently had comments on was the video area. One of the basic areas, it was created as a place to add YouTube videos. Later it gained support for Vimeo as well.

When we designed the area, we did not yet know which way the created magazines would go. At some point, we assumed users would always replace add their own images for the video posterframe. This was proved to be a misconception...

We often got asked why we did not use the default poster frame of the YouTube or Vimeo video. Users did not always want to supply their own poster frame. So, we updated the editor to automate the download of a thumbnail. Entering an URL into the video automatically updates the thumbnail if none is set. No more need to always create your own poster frame images!

Custom play button

Further customisation of the video has also been a request of customers. Until now, using custom play buttons was a bit complicated since you had to enter custom CSS.

With the new update, it is now possible to upload your own play button image. You can even specify a hover button or hide it if needed. This makes it a lot easier to make every part of the magazine in the look and feel you want! video support

And we added support. By pasting the embed-code or URL of a video, you can now use the video in your magazines!

What's next?

The H5mag Editor is a product that will always be altered and updated. If there's anything you would like to see differently in the editor, or something you think really should be added, please let us know on our forum!

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