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H5mag works everywhere: your online magazine can be read on computers, tablets and mobile phones. On all platforms: Apple iOS, Windows and Android. Your content is automatically optimized (SEO) so your magazine ranks highly in all search engines.
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Enrich your content with video, sound and animations. Engage your readers and turn your magazine into an experience.
Grow your audience: with social media your readers will spread the magazine to friends, family and coworkers.
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Besides reading, your users can also act. Link your magazine to your webshop — use your magazine as a new retail channel. Or embed interactive call-to-actions directly in your content. And know exactly what works, thanks to our live online analytics.
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More Traffic.

When you publish using H5mag, your magazine can be read on all devices. Publish once, read anywhere. It's that simple. With H5mag you reach everyone in your audience. Plus, your magazine is automatically search engine optimized, so you also get found.

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Search Engine Optimized

Your publication is automatically fully search engine optimized (SEO). All content is easily indexable and semantically marked up for Google, Bing & Yahoo. No duplicate URLs or hacks like hidden text are used.

Better results in search engines means more organic traffic.

Analytics: know your audience

H5mag supports Google Analytics and Piwik out of the box. Not only track how many times your magazine gets read, but also see which pages are read, which popups get clicked and which exit/conversion points are reached.

More Impact.

Captivate your audience using the limitless design posibilities of H5mag. Add rich content, such as full-screen photography, video and social media — turn your magazine into an experience!

Rich animations

Animate away! Choose from a large collection of animations to move, pop or bounce any element on the screen.

Social media sharing

Easily let your readers share articles using Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus and more. Or pin images using Pinterest.

Social media integration

Embed your social media presence directly in your online magazine. H5mag allows you to add content from Vine, SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram and more...

More Measurable Conversion.

Sign up, buy now, join us... Integrate call to actions directly in your content — making conversion measurably higher. Link your web shop to H5mag and transform your marketing materials into a new retail channel.

New retail channel

Are you already producing a brochure with items available for sale? Use H5mag to turn it into a shoppable online magazine and let your marketing efforts lead to direct sales.

Web shop integration

Using our plugin architecture, any e-commerce platform can be connected to H5mag. H5mag features a lightweight shopping cart API which can be implemented at low cost by your existing IT-supplier.

Advanced analytics

Know what works thanks to our advanced analytics. Using H5mag you can track product views, which items are added into the shopping cart, the checkout value and many other metrics.

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Have a question? Give us a call at +31 70 318 44 04 (Europe) / +1 917 740 39 49 (USA) or send a message.