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Fully Featured.

H5mag is packed with features. From social media integration to high traffic hosting to advanced scripting. But of course you can also just put in a video or add a spiffy animation.

Online Live Editor.

Use our Online Live-editor to really see what your reader will see. Use any computer to design, layout and edit your publication. No software installation or servers required!

You're always working in a live view of the magazine, can create and share a preview for all devices — plus, no need to write any HTML code!

Retina Support.

Want the big picture? Use full screen photography for extra emotional impact. We also have retina support. And no need to upload many different image versions, we automatically scale and optimize all assets for different devices based on quality and speed.

High Traffic.

H5mag is a 100% hosted service, so no server configuration is necessary. Use our fast & scalable server platform to reach your audience. Traffic is exploding? High concurrent use? No problem — we're already serving magazines with more than 1,000,000 subscribers.


We simply love webfonts. Add free-to-use fonts from (for instance) Google Webfonts, upload your own, or use our bundled integration which includes a collection of over 150,000 fonts. You can use all the classics such as Frutiger, Helvetica and Univers in all the widths and weights you can imagine.

Team Collaboration.

Working together? H5mag makes it easy for a team of designers and editors to work simultaneously on the same edition. The real-time locking system makes sure you don't get in each others way and you can quickly glance who is editing what.


H5mag supports Google Analytics and Piwik out of the box. Not only track how many times your magazine gets read, but also see which pages are read, which popups get clicked and which exit/conversion points are reached.

E-commerce Integration.

Sell products directly from your magazine! The magazine includes its own shopping cart that can connect to any web shop. It doesn't matter if your business is built on Magento, OsCommerce, WebSphere, or something completely different. We simply create a plugin for your shop and you are open for business. Read More ›

Search Engine Optimized.

Your publication is automatically fully search engine optimized (SEO). All content is easily indexable and semantically marked up for Google, Bing & Yahoo. No duplicate URLs or hacks like hidden text are used.

Social Media.

Easily let your readers share articles using Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus and more. When they do, the shared content can be opened on any type of device. And no blunt entire-magazine sharing — every piece of content is linkable!

Responsive Artboards.

Add your content once and customize the layout & styling for all devices — or let H5mag do it automatically for you.

Flash, Bang, Pop, Whiz!

Animate away! Choose from a large collection of animations to move, pop or bounce any element on the screen. No programming experience necessary!

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Have a question? Give us a call at +31 70 318 44 04 (Europe) / +1 917 740 39 49 (USA) or send a message.