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H5mag releases version 2.13.3

Release date: July 11, 2022

What's new in version 2.13.3

  • Updated the styling of the styles menu to make the difference between all artboards and the current artboard options more clear.
  • The navigation bar in the Theme - Viewer page now correctly updates live when making changes, alowing you yo preview your changes before saving them.
  • Added the shortcut ot add a non-breaking space to the shortcut overlay in the editor (Shift + ?)
  • Fixed an issue where the Portrait view would show the landscape version in the comment preview when the browser window was not high enough to fit the portrait view.
  • Updated the Feedback Beta module:
    • Added a more clear button to switch between preview and published responses.
    • If published responses are available, those will be shown first.
    • Added a confirmation popup when leaving an unsaved feedback creation form.
    • Fixed an issue where text in inputs and textareas could be centered.
    • Fixed an issue where the CSV export would contain escaped HTML entities.