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H5mag releases version 2.12

Release date: May 14, 2021

Moving editions between projects or saving offline backups is now as simple as pressing a button!  

Download Archive

A new option in this release is the ability to download an edition as an archive file. This file can be stored locally on your computer as a backup. The archive can be uploaded to H5mag to create a new edition as a clone of the time the archive was downloaded! It also allows you to copy or move an edition between different projects.

The Download Archive function can be found in the actionlist of the editions (behind the 3 dots). Importing an archive file can be done in the 'New Edition' popup by clicking the 'Import a downloaded edition archive' link and uploading your archive file.

Audio Area

A new area has been added to the 'Advanced' areas, the Audio area. It allows you to upload a MP3 or AAC audio file and place it into the magazine as a fully customizable pay button.

‚ÄčAnd much more since the last release!

Did you know we has some nice features added between the last mayor release and this one? 

User Tagging & Replying on comments

The comment view allows you to tag users and reply to specific comments. Type an @-sign and start typing to select a user to tag, or click the 'Reply' button next to a comment to replay to a specific comment. It is also possible to select multiple comments 

Live Article Tree Updates

Screenshots, ordering and user activity on articles is now visible immediatly, making it easier to collaborate with mulitple users within the same edition.

Non-magazine styling

The Theme page in the H5mag Studio allows you to set styles for pages that are not included in a magazine, like the bookshelf, subscribe pages or error pages.

PSD Uploading

Upload a PSD file directly into H5mag to have H5mag convert it to a PNG usable in your magazine!

Accessibility Improvements

We have made several improvements to our magazines to increase useability for users with a screen reader.

Resize Area Upgrades

The area resize buttons can now be used in conjunction with the Shift and/or Alt to make resizing easier by keeping the area centered or in the same aspect ratio.

What's new in version 2.12

  • Added an option to disable the internal analytics.
  • Added an option to add an aria accessibility text to sections. This can be used to describe empty sections with a background image to screen reader users.
  • A tooltip has been added to the warning triangle that indicates an article is hidden from publication.
  • Fixed an issue where images that were replaced by images with the same name would display incorrectly after reloading without saving beforehand.
  • Fixed an issue where Box and Drop shadow styles would not be correctly visible in the balloon if the style was saved as a preset Style.
  • Fixed an issue where edition styling could leak into the Editor.
  • Fixed an issue where embedded Instagram posts would not load if the embed URL was not used.
  • Fixed the tutorial not being available to new users.
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox would render too much padding inside the navigation bar if the window was smaller than the artboard size.