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H5mag releases version 2.11

Release date: February 6, 2020

This edition marks the start of some new analytics, which you might call our Analytics 2.0!

As of this release, we show you how far your average user has scrolled each page and what navigation method they used to go from one page to the next.


These new analytics won't be available for older data, but for all data captured since this release you will get the info. You can select specific reports based on the viewers device type, download a PDF version of each report and we'll show you how your readers use the navigation options of H5mag.

Next to these new features, the main graphic has been given a small upgrade to be a bit more readable by hiding dates in the future.

360º / VR Images

A new area has been added to the 'Advanced' areas, the VR Image. It allows you to upload a VR / 360º JPG image and it will show corectly in the magazine.

And much more since the last release!

Did you know we has some nice features added between the last mayor release and this one? 

Shadow Widgets

It is now super easy to add text shadows to headers and text areas, box shadows to sections and drop shadows to images. Just use the new shadow widget, set your offsets, the blur and or spread, pick a color and you're done!

Mobile Artboard Device Selector


Testing for multiple devices became a lot easier with the device selector for mobile devices. Not sure if the element you placed at the bottom would be visible on an older device with a smaller screen? Afraid you content will look tiny on a new maximum size screen? You can now easily check it out by selecting one of the predefined devices, both in the editor and the comment view.

Brightcove Videos

A new video provider next to YouTube and Vimeo has been added as an automatic embed option. If your company uses Brightcove for its vidoes, you can now just copy paste the full Brightcove URL into a video area balloon and the video will automatically be embedded! 


Since 2020, all our content is now served using the more sucure HTTPS connection. To accomodate clients who still need to use HTTP to embed custom content, the option to allow this is available in the Services tab.

Publication Scheduling

Have you seen the small calendar next to the publication button? It allows you to schedule a publication. Are you finished with your edition, but it can't go live yet? Need to publishing something at 8 o'clock, before your in the office? Does the magazine have to go live on a sunday? No worries, just set a date and time, and our system will publish it automatically, whenever you want it!

What's new in version 2.11

  • Fixed an issue where borders on images woul not render correctly depening on the scale of the viewport
  • Fixed an issue where some elements of the pie-charts in the analytics would appear to be 0.
  • Fixed an issue where naming a popup video would break the popup behaviour.
  • It is now possible to skip the e-mail validation in the Authentication Module 
  • Fixed an issue where the text, box and drop shadows would not be added unless both a top and left value would be set.