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H5mag releases version 2.10.18

Release date: December 5, 2019

What's new in version 2.10.18

  • Fixed an issue where the halo bottom buttons would sometimes not be visible when editing the Mobile artboard.

  • To clear Facebook sharing cache, the studio can give you a list of pages in editions a redirect you to a Facebook page to clear the caches.

  • Updates to the publication status have been given a facelift to be more visible.

  • Fixed an issue where setting a next/previous article link when there was no next or previous article would result in returning to the cover article.

  • Fixed an issue where your e-mail address used for sending comment overview mails would not be correctly updated when changing your e-mail address.

  • Fixed an issue where the next and previous links would not link to the corect article after re-ordering the pages.

  • Fixed an issue where the navigation tooltips would not change to the edition set in the edition.
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  • A more clear message is now shown after uploading assets.

  • Fixed an issue where Brightcove videos would not autoplay when placed in a popup.