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H5mag releases version 2.10.19

Release date: December 11, 2019

What's new in version 2.10.19

  • Fron now on, our magazines will only be using secure HTTPS. If your content requires you to use insecure HTTP connections, you can allow this in the Services tab in the Studio.

  • It is now possible to reposition an image inside its container when the Crop option has been enabled.

  • In the asset list, you can now correctly deselect a previously selected asset while selecting multiple assets and you can use the Shift key to select or deselect all assets between the last two selected assets.

  • You can now drop an asset to upload anywhere in the editor.

  • Fixed an issue where text-scaling on iPads using iPadOS was not correct.

  • Fixed an issue in Safari where cropped images would sometimes scale incorrectly while resizing the parent section.

  • Fixed an issue where the comment-count would not be updated when checking an comment as handled.Fixed an issue where 'Scroll to Area' would not work in articles set as Table of Contents.