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H5mag releases version 2.13.10

Release date: January 19, 2023

What's new in version 2.13.10

  • A new navigation bar has been implemented, bringing the icons of the navigation bar back into modern times!

  • Updated our Search to also be available in editions using a custom table of contents article. A new search icon will be added to the navigation bar, which will open the default contents table to allow the reader to search in your magazine.

  • Updated the Analytics to merge the referers when multiple editions are being compared.

  • Updated the Analytics time table to only show read times in seconds, hours and days instead of using weeks and months.

  • Greatly increased the speed of creating new projects.

  • Fixed an issue where a set action would be reverted to 'none' when selecting another area.

  • Fixed an issue where the image selector inside a gallery would not be visible on the first gallery image slide.