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H5mag releases version 2.9.8

Release date: January 16, 2019

What's new in version 2.9.8

  • Added an extra background color option to Text areas, to allow setting a background color that extends to the set padding.

  • A new 'Highlight' option is added to the font toolbox in the Text and Heading area's. The colors for these highlights can be set in the 'Display' tab of the 'Styling' balloon.

  • Updated the 'Hide area' action in the area tree to change to 'Show area' if the area was already hidden.

  • In the Subscriber Module, it is now possible to set a reply-to e-mail address, as well as a custom sender name.

  • The image selector will not show it's placeholder image if an image is set, but instead show the transparency blocks to make it clearer a transparent image has been set.

  • When copying preset styles from an edition when creating a new edition, the default presets will also be copied.

  • When the margins are disabled due to the area being freely positioned a tooltip with info will be shown.

  • Fixed an issue where the hyperlink color for a text area would not be shown when a link was set on the whole using the Action balloon.

  • Fixed the manner in which screenshots for Master Articles where set so the images will no longer be scaled out of proportion.

  • Fixed an issue where uploading a JSON file would get renamed to `.txt`