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H5mag releases version 2.7 with H5mag Teams

Release date: September 29, 2017

We're proud to introduce our biggest update yet: H5mag Teams! Working together on multiple projects got so much easier. See who is doing what and invite your team members to join your publication projects. All in a fresh new user interface — also for the Studio!

Clear multi-project overview

Are you in a team working on multiple projects? Then it can be a drag to maintain all your project URL's and logins. With H5mag teams, you now get a clear overview of all projects and who is working on what.

Are you a team lead and manage all the accounts of your colleagues? You now get an easy administrative overview of the amount of projects, licenses and purchases.

Demo projects

Preparing a pitch for your client? Just create a free demo project! You get a sparkling fresh environment, with its own domain name, branded loading screen and tailored edition shelf. Just send a published link to your customer. No distractions — impress your prospect!

Invite team members

Crunch time and need some help? Invite a team member to your project and quickly finish the project together! Just enter their email address and they'll get invited to join your project. Add your avatar image for a more personal vibe.

Streamlined Studio User Interface

Even though you will spend most of the time designing your edition in the H5mag Live Editor, the Studio is often the first thing you see when you work on your edition. So, it deserves to look good and be super smooth to use!

After growing some features organically in the past few releases, we've reorganised the different activiteits into a clear structure, based on typical use cases.

And... much more since our last release!

We release H5mag features when they're done, typically on Thursdays. This means that we don't save up features for a couple of months; you get the nice new things in your hands as soon as possible.

However, with all our Thursday releases, you might have missed some things. Did you know that since 2.6, we've added...

Built-in Analytics

How well is your magazine being read? Which articles are performing well? And how does one edition stack up versus another? Now you can quickly find out using built-in analytics!

Easy web font management

You now get a clear overview of the fonts & variants you've installed and we've integrated with Google Fonts so you can now search directly from within H5mag Studio.

SEO & performance improvements

We're now hosting H5mags in data centers world-wide, using a multi-cloud architecture. This means your readers get the lowest load times possible, improving engagement.

Since 2.6, there have been tons of under-the-hood performance optimisations as well as SEO improvements. We've also launched a totally visually compatible Javascript-less version which improves your Google ranking.

...and much more!

H5mag version 2.7 features many other small improvements, like a full screen button, custom scrollbar styling, new animation types, easier margin & padding UI, a new H5mag embed look, facebook video support, an unpublished changes indicator and new visual keyboard shortcuts. And of course, a few bugfixes:

  • Fixed an issue where YouTube videos would open in a square popup
  • Fixed an issue where popups with custom animations would not show their content
  • Fixed an issue where a rotated element would display over a popup in Chrome
  • Fixed an issue where links with a target of '_self' would open in a new window

Feedback wanted!

We're super excited about this new release and could not have done it without your valuable feedback. We'd love to hear from you! Tell us what you think of this release  and any other ideas you have. Shoot us an email or ping us on Twitter or Facebook. Also, ask us about our new co-creation program!

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