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H5mag releases version 2.11.20

Release date: January 14, 2021

What's new in version 2.11.20

  • The option to protect your content using a single username/password combination is now available to all users. If you want to use different methods of authorising your readers, we also support verification through e-mail, Microsoft 365, Open ID or a bespoke token solutions in our Enterprise account. Feel free to contact us if you want to make use of these options.

  • Added an indicator for video assets that shows whether or not the video has audio in it. If it does, an option will be shown in the dropdown menu to remove the audio track. This is needed on several browsers to ensure autoplay will work correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where some elements could not be scaled to the full available width or height by dragging the corect icons. As an extra, it is now also possible to scale or more beyond the edge of the article or containing area by holding Cmd or Ctrl while dragging.

  • Fixed an issue where setting padding on a section that also had a link set on it would have the padding be unresponsive to clicks.

  • Fixed an issue where videos that were uploaded to H5mag would overlay other content in the generated screenshot.

  • Fixed an issue where changing the loader image of a duplicated edition would also change the original.

  • Fixed an issue where some SVG images could not be used correctly as a custom navigation bar logo.

  • Fixed an issue where opening a balloon in Safari would sometimes show an empty shadow instead of a balloon