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H5mag releases version 2.11.6

Release date: May 1, 2020

What's new in version 2.11.6

  • Vertical artboard bleeds will no longer keep certain content out of sight or reposition elements positioned from the bottom edge of the page.

  • Fixed an issue where the master articles would not show their title correcty.

  • Fixed an issue where the custom set thumbnail for articles would not always be copied to the published version of the article.

  • Fixed an assue where the PDF icon was missing even when set to be active in the Edition Settings.

  • Fixed an issue where the Copy/Paste shortcuts for areas no longer functioned.

  • Fixed an issue where the article tree would not always show the currently active article or mis-represent a changed state.

  • Fixed an issue where it would take two clicks to open the color picker.

  • Fixed an issue where invite s to new users would not allow the new person to join easily.