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H5mag releases version 2.6 with gallery

Release date: November 25, 2016

H5mag Version 2.6 has got something in it for everyone: for the marketeer, the creative professional and for everyone's inner-nerd!

We develop for our users. You guys.
A lot of the features in version 2.6 are designed to make your experience easier and your publications better. We love the feedback you provide and you inspire the way we develop our product! So for this milesone we don't only want to thank the H5mag team... but also all the users that reach out to us with requests and ideas! 

Gallery area

Return of the prodigal gallery area! A new and improved gallery feature has returned due to popular demand. Use the gallery as a special design feature. Use the gallery as part of your e-commerce platform - showcasing different angles of an item. Or use it to re-cap a special event. 

You can create a gallery as you would any other section. The new gallery comes with tons of styling options to make sure that it perfectly matches your vision. 

Text-split option

Work faster! The new text-split option allows you to copy/paste your text first, and style it later. Select a part of the text and create a new header or text from this section.

We've also added the option to add areas directly below the currently selected area. Just use the well-known add-area button and an area will be added below the one currently selected.

Finally, to make text-editing even more simple, you can now navigate to the next text or header section by using your arrow keys! Once you reach the end of your current text area, pressing the 'down' key will automatically activate and select the next text or header area.

In other words... creating long-reads and editing text has just become a whole lot easier!

Parallax scrolling

Design nerd? We've added parallax background scrolling as a technolgy preview! The styling balloon allows you te set a parallax speed and create depth. The parallax scolling feature allows you to take magazines to the next level by making the user experience even more subtle. 

And... much more since our last release!

We have committed ourselves to release an H5mag update every Thursday and release H5mag features when they're done. This means that we don't save up features for a couple of months; you get the nice new things in your hands as soon as possible.

However, with all our Thursday releases, you might have missed some things. Did you know that since 2.5, we've added...

Configurable pop-up animations

Animate the way in which your pop-ups apear.

Background image positioning

Want to move that background just a little to the left? Or start 15 pixels from the top? You can now easily adjust the background image position! Just hold the Ctrl/CMD key and drag the background to wherever you like!

Animation after scrolling into view

The new animation-trigger 'After scrolling into view' allows you to create scrollable pages with animations that only trigger when the animated area is visible, making your magazine look even more alive!

...and much more stuff!

H5mag version 2.6 features many small improvements, like improved caching of images, a new Lorem Ipsum button and a visual way to show the margins and paddings! And of course, a few bugfixes! 

  • Fixed an issue with the Shelf when no editions had been published
  • The editor tooltip showing the 'Rich Text Editor' has been removed

  • Fixed an issue where resetting the width or height of an area to 'auto' by doubleclicking the arrows would not update an open balloon

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the custom scrollbar to appear behind article content

Release notes

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Have feedback? Need this one special feature added?  Let us know!