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H5mag releases version 2.5 with guides & grids

Release date: July 21, 2016

Version 2.5 is here! In this release we're making your life easier by introducing configurable guides, grids and a easy to use columns & layouts system!

New tools: guides, grids, columns & layouts

Six weeks ago, we teased you with several new buttons. Today, they're live, bringing you guides, grids and columns! Helping you making your magazine more consistent, you now have three new options to increase productivity:


The grids work by dividing the artboards into blocks of a fixed size. All areas you drag to position or resize will snap to this grid, making sure all your elements are of consistent sizing.


Don't need all those squares, but you do want to align several elements? Turn on the ruler bars and add a ruler on the position you want!

Layouts (columns & rows)

Need a fixed layout of several columns and/or rows? Now's your lucky day! Select the number of columns, an optional gutter and the display type and see how easy it is to create a consistent layout.


The fourth new icon in the status bar is a toggle which will hide your artboard bleeds. This a simple tool to make sure all content is visible on all devices, and it can save you some space in the editor.


Don't want your elements to snap? No problem! Either drag your element while holding the CTRL/⌘ key or toggle all snapping using CTRL/⌘ + \.

Origin of coordinate system (0, 0) has been changed

With this release, the coordinate system now matches the artboard bleeds. The 0, 0 position is the start of the safe area, and so is always visible. Areas that are moved into the article bleed are displayed with negative coordinates. This change is visible in the statusbar as well as in the balloons.

Besides this, version 2.5 contains a few bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug where dragging an open popup-area in the area tree could render the area tree unusable.
  • Fixed a bug where the icons for editing/copying and adding elements would be misplaced in the area tree.

And... much more since our last release!

We have committed ourself to release an update to the H5mag platform every Thursday. Also, we release new H5mag features when they're done. This means that we don't save up features for a couple of months, just to have big bombastic releases. Practically, these continuous updates mean that you get the nice new things in your hands the soonest as possible.

But, in the rapid fire of Thursday releases, you might have missed some of the nice new features. Did you know that since 2.4, we've added...

Area drag 'n drop

The area tree has been taken to the next level — you can now easily reorder your areas using drag & drop!

Automatic SEO & SEO preview

Using Automatic SEO, the editor automatically generates a <meta description> based on the content in your article. Also, you can now easily get a quick SEO Preview, so you know right away how your magazine will show up in Google.

...what else?

H5mag version 2.5 features many small design tweaks, like a new nav bar, a much nicer login experience and polished notifications. Also, you'll notice a new action to create download links for non-image assets and for example new video controls.

Release notes

Want to stay up-to-date with what's new? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and you'll get a note when we've posted an update. Or simply check back every Thursday on, for the latest release notes!

Thank you!

With this release I'd like to end with a personal word of thanks to our users. Not only for your valuable feedback, but especially for your enthusiasm and the beautiful designs you're creating every day. And of course to the H5mag team — thank you for your hard work getting this release out the door! 🍾 -- Joost