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H5mag releases version 2.10.21

Release date: January 9, 2020

What's new in version 2.10.21

  • It is now possible to style the default Table of Contents for all editions in the project Theme page.

  • An iframe embed option has been added to the publication embed view, to allow embedding in non-script environments.

  • When editing on very small screens, the balloons no longer disappear outside the browser window.

  • Fixed an issue where the view in the editor would sometimes not match the view in the preview after a text area had been selected.

  • Fixed an issue where Share links where no longer working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue which caused analytical data to not be recorded.

  • Fixed an issue where areas set to stick to the top or bottom would not reset correctly when the reader switched artboards.

  • Fixed an issue where switching views in the edition overview would briefly flash the eit/preview overlay.

  • Fixed an issue where popups in the studio could unintentionally close when dragging outside the popup.

  • Fixed an issue where on Portrait mode, the screen would sometimes have extra room between the navigation bar and the content.