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H5mag releases version 2.5.6

Release date: September 15, 2016

You can now easily reposition background images in sections. Simply drag the image whilst holding CTRL/CMD. This makes it much easier to do a quick crop of a background image.

What's new in version 2.5.6

  • Added support for dragging background images. While holding Ctrl/CMD drag the section to move it's background.
  • Fixed an issue where moving areas using the arrow keys would not always work.
  • Fixed an issue where switching a header level would not apply the default preset for the new header level.
  • Fixed an issue where some webfonts didn't work in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Fixed an issue where border-radius for popups was not converted to a pixel value automatically.
  • Fixed an issue where some areas could not be copy/pasted in Safari.
  • Fixed an issue where the vertical-align could not be adjusted for some areas.