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H5mag releases version 2.8 with Print/PDF Artboard

Release date: February 8, 2018

Fully digital and interactive is great, but sometimes you also want a good ol' fashioned PDF. With H5mag 2.8 we are introducing the print artboard! Besides styling for desktop, tablet and mobile you can now also create a fully featured PDF print edition.

The new Print Artboard can be found in the Artboard Selector next to Mobile Artboard

A few pages of the infamous 'Welcome' magazine printed out

Print Artboard

In the artboard switcher, you'll now also find the new Print Artboard. Right besides the landscape/portrait/mobile views. You have the option to use A3, A4, A5, Letter and Legal page sizes.

When you format your landscape edition, H5mag will give you a styled print edition automatically. The same way it auto-generates a tablet portrait and mobile view.

The print edition can be fully formatted and offers almost all H5mag layout features, except animations and interactivity of course. As screens offer 'infinite' vertical size by scrolling, and paper of course doesn't, the Print Artboard lets you define your own page breaks.

Besides printing your edition, your readers can also download it as a .PDF. So are you making a yearly report for your client? Do they also want a PDF for a print handout or corporate review? Then use the Print Artboard to create a full fledged print-ready PDF. It contains the exact same content as your digital edition — saving an afternoon of dreadful copy/paste work in InDesign and preventing hard to spot content mistakes.

We're really curious to your feedback about the Print Artboard, so please let us know any improvements. But please, whilst you’re experimenting, think of the environment and don't print too much ;)

Presentation mode with autoplay

Our goal with H5mag is to be the ultimate content experience platform. Our prime target for that is the experience on a mobile, tablet and desktop. With this release we're also adding non-interactive/guided performance to that mix.

Use Presentation Mode to create a narrowcasting experience using H5mag. Great for showing your content on trade fairs or on a mounted display in your customer facing locations. To use, press F4 for presentation mode or append ?autoplay=1 to your edition's URL for a autoplaying loop.

And... much more since our last release!

We release H5mag features when they're done, typically on Thursdays. This means that we don't save up features for a couple of months; you get the nice new things in your hands as soon as possible.

However, with all our Thursday releases, you might have missed some things. Did you know that since 2.7, we've added...

Adobe TypeKit Support

Love webfonts? We do too! With H5mag you could always upload your own self-hosted font files. Or you could use the Google Fonts and integrations. Now you also can easily embed fonts using your Adobe Typekit subscription.

Search Bar

Got a content-rich edition? Are you publishing a yearly report or scientific journal? Then enable the integrated search engine. Let your readers quickly find specific content in your more lengthy publications.

Artboard Reset

Did you create a beautiful design on landscape, only to find out that the Responsive Artboards checkbox was off? Or did you experiment a bit too much on you mobile view? You can now regenerate the automatic portrait, mobile and print styling in an instant.

Sections in Galleries

You can now add sections to your galleries. That means you can create any kind of slide style you want. Add trigger actions from elements within individual slides, for example to start a video!

Styleable Nagivation Bar

Go pink! Adjust the color of the buttons and bar straight from the Theme Editor. Allowing you to give your publication an even more tailoired look.

...and much more!

H5mag version 2.8 features many other small improvements, like a duplicate area function, actions for header and text areas, accessibility improvements, easier collapsing of the area tree, custom shelf images for editions, popups can now be relative to their parent and for our Enterprise customers: SharePoint integration.

What's new in version 2.8

  • Added a pdf/print artboard.
  • Added an autoplay option. Add ?autoplay=1 to your URL to start the autoplaying loop.
  • Added the ability to delete an entire font family at once.
  • Non-popup sections are not being shown in the popup selector anymore.
  • The Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Card images now always use the screenshot of the article (instead of the custom table of contents image).
  • Improved the analytics display when editions have the same title.
  • Fixed an issue where the screenshot would not update correctly when a custom thumbnail was set and was subsequently reverted to the generated screenshot
  • Fixed an issue where the content of an article would be visible behind a semi-transparent loader.
  • Fixed an issue where updating a TypeKit kit would not show the new fonts correctly in the editor.

Feedback wanted!

We're super excited about this new release and could not have done it without your valuable feedback. We'd love to hear from you! Tell us what you think of this release and any other ideas you have. Shoot us an email or ping us on Twitter or Facebook. Also, ask us about our new co-creation program!

Staying up-to-date with the release notes

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