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H5mag releases version 2.4.6

Release date: June 23, 2016

What's new in version 2.4.6

  • In the magazine viewer, you can now quickly tap the arrow keys and navigate through the magazine without waiting for each page to load.
  • Fixed a bug where a newly added webfont would not appear in the editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the positioning of the H5mag logo would not be centered on some mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug where an animated GIF would not animate.
  • Fixed a bug where the cover or last page of a magazine could get hidden while navigating using the arrow-keys or table or contents while on a touch device.
  • Fixed a bug where the magazine wouldn't load when no mobile styling had been applied.
  • Fixed a bug where resizing an area did not work if it was not positioned freely.