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H5mag releases version 2.10. Tag, you're it!

Release date: April 3, 2019

Organizing your editions has just become a whole lot easier. In this new release, we've added the option to add tags to your editions.

You can filter your edition overview on these tags, so you can quickly find your edition or share specific parts of your publications with your audience.



This new H5mag release brings you the option to add tags to editions. Click on the Option button on the edition and select 'Edit Tags'. Here you can select tags, create new tags or remove tags from an edition.

After you've created your first tags, you can now use the filter option that appears next to the search bar to filter the visible editions. You can also turn on the Tag Explorer.

To edit a tag, you can check out the new Tag overview page, which you can find as a sub page under the Edition Overview.

Measuring Up

The Alt/Option key has shown you the paddings and margins for a long time now. Since a few weeks, it also shows you which area have actions or animations set. With this release, it's getting another  upgrade: It will now allow you to measure the distances between different areas. Select an area, press and hold the Alt key and whenever you hover over an area that's on the same layer or an area that is a direct child of the targetted area rulers will show you the distances. Want to measure the distance to an area on a different layer? Press the Cmd or Ctrl key, and we'll show it to you!

Did You Know?

As of this release, we will also show you a random tip while the editor is loading. You can disable these by unchecking the checkbox. Or, if you want to see more, you can always let the next tip show up from the Help menu.

And much more since the last release!

Did you know we has some nice features added between the last mayor release and this one? 

Handled comments

The 2.9 commenting system has seen several upgrades since its initial release. One of the bigger ones, it the fact comments can be marked as 'handled'. This will allow you to easily keep track of any comments you still need to finish. Also, an overview of all unhandled comments was added.

Import, Export and Duplicate

A new option was added to the article options. Next to the New, Remove and Master Article buttons, a dropdown was added with the option to import, export and duplicate articles, as well as view the recycle bin. These actions can save you a lot of time, allowing you to copy articles from one edition to another.

Subscriber Module

For our Enterprise users, we started the year with a new option. The Subscriber Module allows you to send e-mails to subscribed users letting them know you have a new edition ready for them to read. It will also send browser notifications to those that selected the option when subscribing. Are you interested in this? Please contact us.

Text Highlighting

In Text and Header areas text-highlighting has been added. The highlight will mostly be styled just like the area itself, but it will allow you to set different colors for the highlights!

Calculating Dimensions

Number inputs in the editor now make calculations. Enter a basic calculation, and watch the number change!

What's new in version 2.10

  • The Hide Artboard Bleed button will be disabled when the current artboard does not have bleeds set
  • Master Areas have been renamed to Snippets.
  • Reverting the posterframe of a video will now restore the generated posterframe instead of reverting to a blank image.
  • Prevented the editor balloon from leaving the window.
  • SVG images are limited to 2Mb to prevent PNG/JPG images being uoploaded as SVG
  • Fixed an issue where some e-mail addresses would not be correctly linked when placed as comment.