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H5mag releases version 2.10.16

Release date: November 14, 2019

What's new in version 2.10.16

  • Comments can now be viewed and added from inside the editor! Click the comment icon in the toolbar to view them. The scripting tab has been changed to an icon as well, to accomodate this new comments tab.

  • The notifications in the editor have been updated to the new style notifications, making them much more noticable.

  • You can now use the Escape key to select the parent area. When pressed on the article root area, the article settings will appear.
  • Changing the height of an area will no longer automatically set the content overflow value to 'disabled'.
  • A dragged balloon will no longer snap back to it's locked position after double-clicking a button in the area's halo. To re-attach the balloon to the area, you can double-click the balloon's title. 
  • Fixed a bug where some CSS values would change into 'transparent' while still editing them.