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H5mag releases version 2.9.3

Release date: November 30, 2018

What's new in version 2.9.3

  • The asset list and asset picker now sort their files in a natural way.

  • The asset picker popup has been updated to allow using the keyboard. You can use the arrows to select an asset, or type in it's name. Pressing Enter will confirm the selection and using the Escape key will return the original selected asset (if any).

  • To speed up selection of assets, you can also double click an asset to immediately select it.

  • Fixed an issue where copying assets would generate copies marked by multiple '-1's instead of incrementing the number.

  • Fixed an issue where the 'Edited on' tag in preset styles would repeat itself.

  • Fixed an issue where the drag ghost in the areatree would not correctly follow the cursor when scrolling the area tree.